How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Creating your own spa at home can give you very rewarding moments of pleasure after a long day at work. Turn your bathroom into a comfortable place where you can relax and take care of your body.

With the following 10 simple steps you can create that perfect environment of relaxation in your own bathroom, without having to break the bank and with the certainty that once you have tried it, sure you repeat:

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Clean and neat
Start by making sure that your bathroom gives you relaxation: a deep cleaning and tidying up the bathroom is essential so that when you are enjoying the moment, your sight also perceives that feeling of relaxation.
Create environment
Lighting is key to giving your bathroom a relaxing and soothing environment. Try closing the blinds to block out natural light, instead use small scented candles.

 Relaxing music
A luxurious spa would not be complete without a bit of chill-out relaxing music. Get rid of annoying music and create playlists with some soft tones.
For a home spa treatment, comfort is the key. From a soft towel to a neck pillow, these are little touches to your home spa that will really make a difference. Make sure the room is warm and there are no drafts and keep your towels on the radiator for when you leave the bathroom.
The essentials
For a relaxing bath experience perfect, essential oils are a must. Lavender oil is ideal for achieving an ideal state of sleep, rose oil is known for its relaxing fragrance while geranium and vanilla are comforting.
Your body
Sometimes we forget to pay attention to our skin, especially in the winter months. There are all kinds of simple and cheap things that could try to improve the appearance of the skin. Body exfoliators are a great way to improve circulation and eliminate dead skin.
Image Courtesy Of Findadviser

Facial moment

The spa facials are fantastic, but expensive. There are some ideal and especially economic face masks. When it comes to your eyes, a simple trick to calm this area is to put a few slices of cucumber on your eyelids. If you do not have the cucumber handy, the cotton pads soaked in cold ice water work just as well.
Extra large towels are a must to create that spa feeling. Spa gowns are also a great idea for a real and complete spa experience.
Give your skin the full treatment and be sure to moisturize your skin well after bathing.
And for dessert…
Do not let your spa experience end when you leave the bathroom. A cup of green tea or a fruit juice is a great way to detoxify and make you feel revitalized and refreshed.
Now you know how to do it, do not think too much and give it a try. You will not regret it